Tattoos As Art

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Charles Cain



Real Tattooing

Working contrary to the “industry standard”, all of Charles Cain’s tattoo work is custom freehand. No flash or stenciling is used, or even available for customer perusal. With this method, the artistry and individuality of tattooing is emphasized and the tattoo the client wants (instead of a close approximation) is provided.

At Mark of Cain Tattoos, we endeavor to provide clients with the highest possible level of professional tattooing and constantly evolve the techniques and aftercare as new information becomes available. Plus, we have every intention of staying on the cutting edge of tattooing by maintaining a constant vigilance over changes and new information.


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My Philosophy

At Mark of Cain Tattoo, I am very proud of the way I work and invite everyone to come and see me in action. I believe that through communication and cooperation - not backstabbing and competition - all tattoo artists can and should work together to elevate the tattooing art form. It has been enjoyed as art in many other societies and civilizations, but never in this one.
— Rev. Charles Cain


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